Fall transition

There’s been something on my mind all week and I haven’t been able to put it into words until now.

Transitions are hard.

I can’t express how excited I am to be getting married in June :]  Yet there will still be transition to that move.  And it will absolutely be the greatest transition, because it’s based off of a fantastic decision, to spend my life with my best friend.  But it’s still a transition.  If it were all good, it would be called a promotion, or something – haha.  But it’s a transition.  You trade in priorities for different priorities.  You move around your job and your school and your life for a person, and you meet adulthood head on.

Thankfully, my person is totally worth all of that.  He’s worth the long distance we’ve been doing for months and months now… No more long distance, just his face in person? I’ll take it.  THAT is a promotion.  Marriage is a transition.  Most days will be wonderful, as they are right now.  :]  Occasionally there will be days that come short of bliss, but that’s where our strength comes from.  If there were never things to learn, we would all be shallow, weak people.

Just some random thoughts tonight. Like I said, it’s been lingering for a week or so now, and definitely hard to describe.  Kind of like the season of fall… you feel it in the air by now.  You know it’s coming.  Hello transition, hello responsibility.

We’ve set up the fall collection at Pier 1, and our off-hours have been called “fall transition”.  Every step of every aisle I feel a slight cringe on the inside— GET AWAY FROM ME, FREAKING FALL!  I’m not ready for you!  But then I laugh to myself.  I’ve already bought cute fall clothes.  I’m already registered for classes.  It’s happening, Jessica.  Accept the change, embrace it all.  FOCUS ON THE GOOD.  Fall time means apple picking, trips to see friends, and great time with my family.  I’m excited for hot cocoa and boots and days when I can just curl up and read a book.  Fall time also means we’re closer than we’ve ever been to wedding day!  And the end of long distance!  And the beginning of life with my sweet man!  Ahh, fall is a good thing.  Transitions are hard, yes, but they usually lead to something ultimately better and brighter.  It’s all in your perspective. This entry was therapeutic.

Dear Reader: Embrace the transition, and see the beauty in each season. You and me, both :]  If nothing else, know that you’re not alone in it!

“There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis


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